The Wind.

We are going at a hundred-twenty,
On a winding mountain road,
where the limit is sixty!
Towards a new life,
And the Wind,
feels so dangerously tantalizing,
So beautiful so free,
leaving everything behind!

There it stands,a fallen sentinel.
A wall of branches and trunk:
Dead or alive?I wonder now!
And suddenly I know,
we are not going to make it,
Out of this town,
Out of this life,alive!

Oh that heady rush
Of despair and elation
as we rush towards oblivion!
How could we be this dumb?
To throw our new lives away?
The oak draws closer,
Its been milliseconds:an eternity!
Now I am numb.
But imminent death won’t sway!

They say in these moments,
Your life flashes by!
But my weary eye
can see nothing substantial,
Except you,
and how life was unfair!
And then I realize,
why my life won’t flash by.
For I’m holding it here,
Waving everything else,
A last goodbye!

And now I understand
And shed away my despair!
As you let go of the handlebar,
To take my hand,
And I hug you tighter.
I see us,together,finally:you,me
and the ferocious wind,
Heading towards a cosmic explosion,
imploding into each other!
“See,love,we were meant to be!”
You say.Like you always did.
And I am finally free,like the wind,
Leaving behind this life
I no longer need!!!!

Fiction.About a runaway couple on their Harley-who almost made it out,and then didn’t.(Sorry for the tone of the poem,I know its depressing,but…)


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