She is amazing.
She can dance like a crazy kid
She can,Oh so sweetly,sing
She can write things that touch the soul.

She can paint like an amateur,
And she can clean up pretty good!
She wont shy away,from the craziest of stuff.
She will laugh like there’s no care in the world.
And she loves with the passion of something which can’t be put into words by mere mortals!

She is awesome,She is amazing,
She is pretty and she has a heart of gold!
She is immature,but never cold.
She,is amazing.”
He says.

And then continues,
“Oh but she will never want me!
And,well,she is too amazing for me.
Too amazing to consider loving her.”
And all she wants,is for him to love her back,like she does,
Like she did,since the good old days!

Random.I say no more.


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