Beyond Repair.

Crumpled copy of the day’s newspaper.
Cups of coffee-all variants,
Coffee is coffee.

She writes a self-help column.
Tells people to believe.
Her words make a mockery
Of the deep dark world
she cannot leave.

Her soul has changed colors,
From exuberant rainbows,
To the color of her hair-
Jet black,with streaks of white.
The streaks of white
will eventually be
her only saving grace-
As they remind her,of the rainbow,
That had once been.
God shines through the cracks,
They say.
Maybe those white streaks,
Will let in some light.
Maybe not.

Deep Abyss.Frowns and scowls.
All from the mirror.
Because she doesn’t quite like,
The person they have made her be.

She contemplates it.
Ending it all.
Dying one last time,
After doing it everyday.
Slow poison.Daily Death.
No funerals.

Still wants to,
NEEDS to,beLIEve
that the world is a magical place.
And life,a fairy tale,
with a happy ending.
But needs arent always fulfilled.
That’s how the big bad world works.

She is broken beyond repair.
In search of optimism,
In hopeless despair.

Random musings.Hoping to write a cheerful one next.Sorry for this one,it’s depressing,I know.
Couldnt help.

Sagarika Naik:)


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