She always was-
It was a state of being.
And she used to cling
Oh so desperately,
To the idea of love.

She is stupid.

She attaches her heart,
To any suitable candidate,
-all they have to do,
to win her affections,
And desperations,
Is to care!

Not too much to ask for,eh?
Well.Too much.
Too much to give,
atleast for them.

She is STUPID.

She thinks he cares for her.
He says he does.
She falls.
She doesn’t know he was never capable of loving her.
Maybe he isn’t even the right person for her.

She IS stupid.

But romantic comedies have given her heart these weird degree of dependancy.
She can NOT stay unattached.
She falls.
Head over heels,
And then flat on her face,
Only to get up and fall again,
As the vicious cycle continues.

She is stupid.

Every time a new face
Knocks on the doors of her life,
Her chaotic mess of a heart,
Which has taken permanent residence on her sleeve,
jumps at the sight of another prospective love interest.


She is a junkie for emotions.
No.She doesn’t crave
The physical,the mundane or even the materialistic world.
All she desperately wants,
Is a connection,of souls,
A feeling-of being loved,
Being accepted,being the singularity to some obscure universe,
of some one!

SHE is stupid.

And every time her heart
flutters in the wake of a new boy,
She always hopes that he is “The one”.
The forever-and-always kind.
The one that might complete her wanton lovestory.

She is stupid.

And every time she is impaled,
By her own expectations,
Even when she KNOWS,
Of her utter stupidity-
To fall for the ones who’ll never love her back.
She chases la doleur exquise,
while running away from those who dilligently pursue her,
only to become their saudade!

She is stupid.
She is still looking for her forelsket.
She longs for koi no yokan!
And maybe that’s how the world should be-a little less need for vengeance,a little more want for love!

Maybe,she isn’t stupid after all!

La doleur exquise(French)-The exquisite pain of wanting someone you cannot have.
Saudade(Portuguese)-The feeling of love and longing for someone or something that cannot or does not exist,or cannot be.
Forelsket(Norwegian)-That feeling of euphoria you experience when you are falling in love.
Koi no yokan(Japanese)- That sense upon first meeting a person that you two are eventually going to fall in love.

Sagarika Naik:)


19 thoughts on “Stupid.

    • Thanks anushka:) It kinda came to me like know those times when its 2 in the morning and you just start typing em out and the words just…flow?All my posts belong to that category..well almost.
      Dont know whether to call this a “poem”,strictly,but cant go back and tweak the words around..


  1. Saggy The poem ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    N yeah it reminds me of ur advice too #No.Falling.


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