I think most friendships are “superficial”.
The person you spend more time with moves in from the circle of acquaintances to the tightly knit circle of friends.You start attaching your emotions to the said “friend”.
Time flies.The amount of time you spend with the friend decreases,as you grow up,changing schools,professions,and schedules.In the process of making another “friend”,one with a convenient schedule to match yours,both begin to drift apart,until all that remains of the “friendship” is awkward “hello”s once in a blue moon,and several megabytes in pictures.Pictures,not memories,because honestly,neither of you have the time or the inclination to revisit it.
The only gooners who escape this vicious cycle are the ones you call your squad,-The BEST friends!
Hold them close.Never let them drift apart.Because,life is not easy,growing up is a trap,and having a squad makes the journey a lot more exciting!
Musings.Feel free to drop in your views,because I am pretty much jobless nowadays,and wouldn’t mind an interesting conversation!

Sagarika Naik:)


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