You made me fall out of love.Ofcourse,you were the one I fell in love with,in the first place,but you weren’t just that.Best friend,philosopher,biggest admirer,greatest critic.Loads more.I lost them all that day.
That’s what hurt the most-losing that many people with a single “goodbye”.
I am always cheerful now.Always radiating positivity,always being good to everyone,giving good vibes and feeling grateful.
Some say you weren’t good for me.That you sucked the happiness right out of me,with your domination and selfishness.I say you have made me see the importance of light by being the darkness.I am there for everyone now,through the conflicts and tantrums and dramas.Everyone.Myself included.Because you made me realize that no one else would be.And to be honest,who would believe in you if not yourself?!
Thanks for everything.Look,I am still defending you!You might scoff and write it off as another of my fits of “unicorn-consciousness”.It isn’t.I still love you.
And when I see you across the lane,being your usual mean self,I am the only person saving myself from the agony of a million heartbreaks all over again.
Because honestly,I am worth more.More than the love you could never offer,and more than the broken rag doll I once thought I was.

Not poetry.Not even proper prose.Rant?-Maybe.
Trying my hand at writing something fictional,which hits ya’all right in the feels.
Beau Taplin is the obvious inspiration here.
There is no “not-so-obvious” inspiration,I clarify,before you jump to conclusions and start making assumptions.
Thanks for reading,have a great day0:)

Sagarika Naik:)


10 thoughts on “Change.

  1. This was written very well. I actually thought this was real… If you can write fiction like that… well, hats off to you 🙂


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