Sleepless Nights,
Then, and Now.

Those strange feelings,
in the pit of her stomach,
Then, and Now.

Then, and Now.

Nothing’s changed,it seems,
Except the reasons
behind them all.

Sleepless Nights,
Obsessing over every word he said,
And Now,
Obsessing over every word she would say in her next meeting!

Strange Feelings,
The butterflies,who rose in spectacular unison,to the call of the brief spans of attention,he threw at her.
Those of triumph and trepidation,
Jubilation and satisfaction,
On closing a particularly nasty deal!

Stupid versions of her delusions,
Always picturing him returning that gaze which was reserved,
for him,the one he never deserved.
Of a career graph shooting straight for the heavens,competing,
And succeeding,in breaking her own records!

Somewhere along the way,
She lost feelings,
Only to find FOCUS!

It’s 04:45 a.m in India right now,and I couldn’t sleep.Don’t ask me why I came up with this,for I cannot come up with a coherent answer to that!
Trying to go back to bed right now,hoping my much eluded sleep will finally embrace me!

Sagarika Naik:)


2 thoughts on “Focus

  1. Focus
    on the awesome improvements you are making in blogs
    Only then
    will you turn your career into something that will bring that particular gaze from that some deserving ONE.

    Liked by 1 person

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