Moving On.

I was emptying my bag today-
yes,you’d be surprised.
I was never much into
organizing or cleaning my stuff.
Mom’s pleased too.
Just like she was,
the first time I beamed at her,
while talking about you.

I still blabber a lot,
you see,
so let me get straight
to the point,
before we get caught
up in a conversation,
one that would last
into the wee hours
of the morning,
only to begin again
building up in anticipation,
yet again.

So I found the tickets,
to the first movie we went to,
and I still remember,
the warmth of your hand,
intertwined in mine,
and the fervor in those eyes,
I had once made my shrine!

Surprisingly though,
my heart didn’t shatter,
into a million pieces,
like it always does,
at even the slightest mention
of your existence.
As I carefully folded the tickets,
and threw them in the trash,
My phone buzzed,
and it was you.

I am no longer the same soul though.
I will not surrender to your devious charms,
the ones you use to mock me,
whenever you want to return to a plan B.
I am clearing the clutter off my life.
I guess mom’s pleased about that too!

Sagarika Naik:)


One thought on “Moving On.

  1. its always good to clean d clutter once in a while… you don’t want to come to your room and see that one chair in corner full of untidy unwanted stuff everyday, do you!!
    P.S.: D example can be related to d clutter of life maybe

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