Seven billion people in the world,
seven billion souls,gracing this planet with their charm,kindness,flamboyance,dignity, and in some cases (most probably,mine),with nothing but their existence!
It is funny,how,out of all these people milling about,all one ever needs,is one person-One person to UNDERSTAND,to LOVE,with or without understanding;one person,to be the anchor of all existence,to be the centre of the Universe,to be The Singularity.
And,it is exceedingly amusing,and so very tragic,that we might spend  entire lifetimes searching for this one person, and never find them!

How difficult could it be,to find,and hold on to,just one,out of seven billion options?!
Life, and its daunting,mysterious ways are beyond my comprehension!

Oh,glooom!!!!I feel like I am cornered by a horde of dementors!
This gloom is tragic.
This gloom has turned me into a lazy dalek !(not really)
This gloom prevails.
I am going to mope a lot more,so,yes,be prepared!
Also,it’s never an odd time to know the exact population of the world!(Thank you,Google.)
Knowledge addition in the face of impending doom,is,well,fickle!
Oh,and yes, one more,just because I can-
This gloom makes me feel like Marvin,the Paranoid Android,ughh!

Sagarika Naik:)


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