I like listening to my heartbeat.
If you lie down on your side in a particular fashion,with your head resting on your arm,and your ear focused only on that “lub-dub”, it drowns out all the other sounds in the background.
That is when I like listening to it.
Listening to the muffled sound,slowly and steadily growing to monstrous proportions,until it is the only sound in the universe, has become my secret little obsession.
It makes you think;About how easy it will be,to snuff out this tiny beat, to mute out the symphony, to let loose,the rivers that the heart sends,gushing through the veins.
One slash, one really comfortable pillow used in a really uncomfortable position. -That is all it will take,to silence the only sound in the universe that matters.Should matter,rather.
And as the steady symphony builds up into a magnificently strong crescendo, of a frantic 98 beats a minute,
my little heart reminds me,yet again,of the purpose,of Life,the Universe,and Everything!
In a fresh bout of tears,part pity,part grief and part relief,and with steely resolve underneath,I close my eyes,and surrender,to the most beautiful rhythm in my world.
Lub Dub Lub Dub Lub Dub Lub Dub Lub Dub!

Lub dub is the actual sound of the heart beating.This should serve as a knowledge addition note to the lesser mortals who dropped Biology.(Worry not though,because I belong to this class too!The above gyaan is just a result of some Bio lecture I had attended accidentally!)

Sagarika Naik:)


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