Of prayers and peace.

14th November,2015.

I go to sleep,in the wee hours of the night,clutching a teddy bear,feeling more like a kid than ever,after a particularly emotional trip down memory lane.Mom had pulled out the old photo albums and seeing all those adorable pictures made me do something very cliche- A children’s day special post on instagram!

Here’s what it said:


So,back to the narrative:I went to sleep feeling more like a little kid than ever before,ensconced in warmth and wonder!

Fast forward to ten a.m in the morning,the usual “rise and shine” time-I logged on to the usual array of social media sites,and was horrified to see pictures of a dark,morose Eiffel,with police vans in the background.

It took a few minutes for my groggy mind to realize what had actually happened. The hashtag PrayForParis was trending on twitter,and facebook and instagram were flooded with pictures from paris,each more horrifying than the other!

The worst of the attack was over by the time the news reached this part of the world,but the horror of the situation will not wane,not so soon. As speculations are rife about the dark minds behind these heinous deeds,one question plagues my mind: WHY???!!!!!

Why the innocent civilians who were just out having a good time on the weekend?!!What purpose did that serve?Why,oh why, can’t we all co-exist, in peace?!!!!

Ironically, “World Of Our Own” plays in the background as I punch my keyboard in entirely misdirected rage, and I cannot help but wonder whether all that wonder is still left in the world!!!Waking up to news of doom and destruction all over the world,from paris to japan and from lebanon to baghdad, doesn’t quite set the mood for a jovial day ahead.

As a 90-s child, I count myself lucky to have grown up in a safe and secure environment,always under momma’s wings, always dadda’s little princess.But what about the children of the world today??!

I remember being absolutely terrified when I saw the news of the terrorist attacks on Mumbai in 2006,I reckon.That was the first time I had ever experienced such a situation,albeit only through the news and the fallen faces of survivors and sympathizers all around me.

Today,as these attacks become a common occurrence in our lives,I wonder what to feel when I see young kids reacting to these news like it is nothing but another commonplace old chain of tragic events that keeps happening every other month or two.Am I supposed to feel sorry,for how these little ones are forced to grow up way before time, always living under the sword of damocles hanging over their heads?!!Or Am I supposed to feel proud, that these are the tough ones,the ones who wont break;that evil can kill us but not our spirits?!!!Today, if you ask me if I would feel safe to go out and enjoy a meal with my loved ones, or go enjoy a concert where the band I love is performing, I would reply in the negative, without a moment’s hesitation.

But will that stop me from going out and living?!


All this hatred,all this violence ,can break bodies,not spirits.Never spirits.

And although half of us seem to have forgotten this,we are,in the end,only human-we live to love and need love to live.When one hand rises with a gun,a million hands stretch forward to help the victim.This,will prevail.This is our sustenance,and our salvation!The immense flood of human sympathy and people stepping forward to help in any way they can,is just a small proof of the wonders humanity can work when it channels its basic instincts of goodness and empathy!

It is these feelings that we ought to aim at preserving and cherishing,this children’s day!So,keep the child in you alive,fellows, for the big bad world isn’t really as bad as it sounds,despite of the tragedy it witnesses!

Am I being callous?No,just optimistic, thankyou.

Let’s pray for all the innocent ones,who had to suffer for no fault of theirs,not only in Paris, but also all over the world-from Syria and Lebanon to Palestine and Israel!May all of us grow up to live in a world where only peace prevails!
Every act of war that shakes our faith in humanity,is almost always followed by many more acts of kindness and love that restore our faith in the same.
Pray,not just for Paris or Syria or Beirut or Baghdad or Japan!
Pray,for the world.
Pray for peace!
Stop the violence and cruelty,and embrace humanity!

Thanks for reading!

Je Suis Paris.

Translates to “I am Paris”.

For,I am Paris.

I am the troubled Syrian refugee.

I am the stranded Iraqi.

I am the American kid waiting for his father,fighting for dear life in Afghanistan.

I am the traumatized Parisian moviegoer who will never eat at a restaurant again.

I am the troubled Indian trapped in a hotel as hell breaks loose,all around me.

But,I am also a tiny throbbing elegance in this brilliant human consciousness.



Frustrated-quite a bit!

Sad-Quite a lot!


Peace and good vibes:)


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