Brain- “Hey”
Me- “No brain,not again.”
Brain- “What are you doing right now?It sounds so silly!”
Me- “Maybe”
Brain- “And hey,remember that time when you were so silly you hurt everyone that mattered to you?!”
Me- “No.No.No!Not now please!I have this exam tomorrow and I.Need.To.Study.”
Brain- “But do you remember the time when you hurt your best friend for no reason at all?”
Brain- “and the time when he-”
Brain- “But people are so good to you!And all you do is hurt and disappoint and embarass them!”
Me-“I guess so!”

Crapload of unecessary guilt-check

After regaining a semblance of calm,when I finally manage to get in a word or two from the old textbook,amidst a flurry of stupid baseless emotions,
Brain- “Also,do you remember that one time you-”
Me-“Shut up!”

*wails in misery for the rest of the night*

Story of my life,especially during exams.

It’s a constant struggle,keeping my brain/mind/that li’l bitch of an inner voice quiet,or atleast,down.
Somedays,you can actually hear me make efforts to shush it down.



I read this somewhere-
The soul usually knows what to do to heal itself.The challenge is to silence the mind.

The struggle,my friends,is very real,indeed.

Sagarika Naik:)


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