Sometimes,I wish I could just shake a few people:really shake them until it brought some sense into their delirious minds;and make them see sense.

“You are beautiful.”

“Yes,don’t beat yourself up over silly things.”

“This gem of a person happens to be in love with you!Why do you have no clue about it?!”

“That gorgeous girl,who has spurned many people,has eyes only for you!Just,talk to her damn it!”

“It’s time to tell him that you are not over “them” yet,you still want him back.Trust me,he is dying to hear it from you!”

“Move on.They aren’t worth it”



So many people,so many stories.
Simple sentiments,thick skulls.

Oh,if only everyone expressed what they felt,out loud,without inhibitions,I think the world would be a lot happier than it is now!
Even if it weren’t,a lot of people would be off hooks,moving on with their blessed lives,and that,does not sound like much,but it can make all the difference in a life.

Why is the title “shake”,you wonder?
Well,it’s five in the morning here,and instead of being asleep,here I am,your classic night-owl, writing stuff like this.
Also,I really feel like shaking a certain somebody right now to make them SEE!

Sagarika Naik:)


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