Discovering Kaas, Part 1.

I have a lot of admiration for people who go out of their way to appreciate nature. To admire the timeless beauty of the skies, or the gentle dewdrops on stray leaves doesn’t require a poet’s mind. In fact, nature makes a poet out of every mere mortal who revels in its presence.

Why am I being so philosophical today,you wonder?

Well, I had the good fortune of talking to a friend of mine into doing this post with me!This is the first post of it’s kind-a photo collab, with two of the most talented photographers that I know personally- Apoorva Pradhan and Guru Dhamal!


It all began a month ago, when Apoorva sent me the link to a YouTube video,amidst our regular silly chatter.

The video was pretty good,for amateurs like them, and I asked her whether we could do a collab so that I could share these beauties with you all.Ofcourse,being the cuteheart that she is,she agreed,and being the master procrastinator that I am, I managed to finally find time to pen it down,after four long weeks!(In my defense, I had that sword of Damocles hanging over my neck-EXAMS.)


So,one fine August morning, Apoorva and friends trekked their way up to the Kaas plateau, with their DSLR cameras in tow, to return with a treasure trove of some mesmerizing pictures,which will make every one of us want to go experience it ourselves!

To be very honest, I did not know much about the place, until I saw the photographs,and heard about it from these folks.Wikipedia came to my rescue,like the faithful old friend who always has your back.Here’s what the wiki entry for Kaas had to say:


The Kaas Plateau also known as the “Kaas Pathar” is a plateau situated in the Western Ghat Sahyadri range, 22 kilometers from Satara city in Maharashtra state of India and is known for various types of wild flowers which bloom during August-September every year. The area of plateau is located at a height of 1200 mt and is approximately 1,000 hectare.The name Kaas originates from Kaasa tree (Elaeocarpus glandulosus). It has been declared as Biodiversity World Heritage Site by The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco).The place has more than 850 different species of flowers and other plants including Orchids, Karvy and carnivorous plants such as Drosera Indica. This falls under the Sahyadri Sub Cluster of Western Ghats which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.Kaas plateau is a plateau located near Satara. It is situated high hill plateaus and grasslands turns into a ‘valley of flowers’ during monsoon season, in the month of August. Kaas Plateau has more than 150 or more types of flowers, shrubs and grasses. The orchids bloom here for a period of 3–4 weeks during this season.


No,this is not Switzerland,it’s aapla very own Maharashtra!


This is what it looked like.Oh,it just makes me want to drop all the mundane things I am doing at the moment,and rush to Kaas,chasing butterflies and admiring flowers!

About admiring flowers, here are some more,which are absolutely stunning:

Also,speaking of butterflies,


And,this fragile,pretty little thing!


Well,this post has exceeded it’s length,and I don’t mind making this a two-part series.So,while you wait for more pictures from the plateau,(There are many more,and not just flowers,mind you,There are some stunning visuals which calm you down better than anything else can!),check this out- Kaas .

Also,you would be wondering who the good people behind the camera are!Well,patience is a virtue,they say!Stay tuned for the second and final part of this series,for more pictures and the photographers themselves!

Thanks for reading!

Cheers,and good vibes,this festive season!



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