When my Mind,was not Mine!


As I sit here regretting losing the bragging rights to one of the most mind boggling experiences that I have had this year,only because I did not have the presence of mind to save all of the photographs on my snapchat story, I ponder over a question that has mystified me since the night I witnessed Mentalist Ugesh Sarcar perform on stage-“How does one read minds,and influence them,when I cannot even control mine?!”

Nonetheless, I am pretty confident that I am NOT arriving at the answer to that question anytime soon, and so, let me just give you a quick review of the show, with a bit of friendly advice in the beginning-Always,Always save your snapchat story!Always!

It all started with an email.

The amazing folks at Blogadda love playing Santa.This time,Santa’s sack had Platinum class tickets to Mentalist Ugesh Sarcar’s new production, #YourMindIsMine ,for a few lucky bloggers.You know how well luck favors yours truly!(No attempts at sarcasm intended,but,well,it’s all open to interpretation!)Nevertheless, Lady luck flashed her 100-megawatt smile upon dear old me, and there I was,at the St.Andrews auditorium,Bandra,holding this magnificent invite to a sold out show!


The beautifully crafted invite!


As advised,I reached the venue 30 minutes before the show began.The Aura was astounding.Magic being a dying art,the number of people who had actually turned up stood proof to the amount of respect and love that the Sarcar name commands in the community.Following his daddy’s footsteps, whom he admits he is “really good friends with”, Ugesh sarcar is a master of charm and witty repertoire!


The ticket to #ConsciousTrance

The show began with Ugesh choosing volunteers randomly, by throwing around pretty neon frisbees in the auditorium.I wish I could’ve kept one as a souvenir,but Mr.Sarcar must have read that in my mind ,because the frisbee which I happened to “inherit” was promptly taken away.More on that later,though.

Throughout the ninety minute show,there was never a moment when one could admit that there mind,was truly theirs!Taking mass hypnotism and Mind reading to a new level, Ugesh controlled entire sections of the audience, spaced unevenly through the hall, in a manner that I am not going to tell you folks about.Go watch it for yourselves.


Best seats in the house,and this is all I have left to show!

No,seriously,go watch it for yourselves,because Mr.Sarcar turned a non-believer like me,who questions (or used to question) all sorts of magic and eventually understands the tricks behind it, into a firm believer,unable of doing anything except marvelling over the talent this man possesses!

I met fellow blogger Antarik, since he was the only other person tweeting about the show; and Dimple, our coordinator for the day,both lovely souls!It is always a pleasure to make acquaintances who care enough to check up on you when your battery is running low,just to ensure whether you reached home safely or not.God bless their souls!It is these tiny moments of truth that reinstate my firm belief in humanity and positivity and and all things good!


Damn myself,for saving only these snaps,out of all the good ones!

I wish I could share with you the entire experience of conscious trance that I underwent, but it really will be an injustice to you folks, and quite unethical on my part.You have to witness it yourself!

Speaking of lady luck,I think she was quite keen on showering all her love on me that day.I got the opportunity to volunteer-be on stage with the charming mr.Sarcar,for fifteen entire minutes,and that too for the big reveal,the grand finale!!!!Remember the inherited frisbee I talked about?Well,Antarik happened to catch one at the very end of the show,and being the benevolent sweetheart that he is, (he also sat next to me and heard my disappointment every time the frisbees flew overhead,away from us,for the entire duration of the show!)he handed it over to me!!One could toss it ahead if they did not want to go up on stage, but I provide you no brownie points for guessing that I held on to the frisbee for dear life!The next fifteen minutes on stage were just astonishingly mundane-a few choices,seemingly made with my own free will;until the big reveal which astonished the volunteers and audience alike,and Mr.Sarcar took a bow,to a lot of audible gasps and a few loud instances of people remembering their Creator!Being a volunteer gave me a perspective(or lack of it), as to how it actually works-the level of confusion has reached an all-time high now!


Ignore the way I look;that’s how a person who is completely bowled over looks like!

On the ride back home, Dimple exclaimed that “Magic is Magic.It loses its charm when one questions it.Just,believe,and instead of pondering over how it was done,ponder over the wonderful experience that it was!”

I abide by that sage advice,and bid you all adieu!

If you want to experience Ugesh’s mind boggling mentalism for real, check this website out for details of the show- http://ugeshsarcar.com/

Thanks for reading!Stay blessed!






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