Deep (not-so) Dark Thoughts-4

Often,you meet a person,who just clicks.

No inhibitions,no holds barred, no filters- you get too close,too soon.

The first impression might not necessarily be a pleasant one,but you get to know them,over conversations that meander,from the silly to the mundane,and take dips into the deep philosophies of spirituality,only to resurface over arguments about the sun and the stars and your favorite team winning a much deserved point.

You talk;talk like never before,baring your souls,voicing your concerns,planning world domination,discussing fan theories,lamenting over the death of a favorite character,and singing your favorite songs to each other-out loud,at three in the morning!

Eventually,when they occupy an irreplaceable place in your lives,their  presence becomes a habit,and you fool yourself into believing that you have caught feelings:inevitable.

Inevitable,since being with them feels so very correct:you are the same vivid,wild shade of crazy as them,they have seen all the movies that you cry over:however obscure those titles are to other people;they are a gem of a person,and they are oh-so-easy to be with:nothing feels forced,conversations flow effortlessly,and goodbyes,however short they may be,leave a sense of inexplicable restlessness that disappears with the next “Boom”-because they aren’t the regular,mundane people who begin conversations with a formal text!

You revel in their presence,and are grateful for their existence.They feel it too.

And then,eventually,you spend all your time together.You dont know what has taken over your mind,or why your heart feels dizzyingly light at times,or why those strange butterflies wreak havoc in your tummy.You do not name it.Rather,you don’t want to jinx or spoil it by giving it a name.

But things change.Spending all your time with them,reveals newer sides,adding color to the kaliedoscope that they are:rather,were,before you even met each other!

What then?What do you do when you realize that Kafka On The Shore was the only murakami they ever got a chance to read?What do you do when their childlike enthusiasm for cricket is handicapped by their lack of knowledge about silly point and mid-off?What do you do when you appreciate the match together but they don’t understand an offside?What do you do when they can’t croon along to “The End”,by Jimbo, but do an excellent imitation of “Light My Fire” and “Hello,I Love You”??How do you react when they misunderstand Rachel Dawes for her other namesake,miss Green?

When the awkward suddenness of being together finally gives way to a quiet familiarity-when you hear each others voices on text messages,predict behaviors, and complete each others’ sentences;the extroverts with filters lay their souls bare in front of you.Some parts,you love,others,you will eventually fall in love with;some others,you will learn to adjust with;but what about the parts that you find ugly?The parts that they feel are their demons, the ones which they are still so strong in their vulnerability to reveal to you-their deepest insecurities,their darkest fears, their scars?!

Will you accept those as well?Will you try to heal them?Or would you practice the virtue of acceptance,while revealing your own vulnerability to them,always looking towards a positive;just because when they are around,you experience the kind of happiness that needn’t be pursued,the kind that settles over you like sunshine,and warms up your soul!?

They say you are afraid of commitment;that you run away from relationships.Truth is,you are afraid-afraid that after laying out your soul,out in the wide open,for them to see,love and nurture,they might find it unappealing.

Will you be lucky enough,once,just once?

Lucky enough to have the appreciation that your amazing soul deserves,and also to give it back,in equal measures of happiness,and good vibes?

Will you be lucky enough to be in love with the person who loves you back,amongst a billion other possibilities that could go wrong in this big bad world??!!!



My frantic heart screams,with unabashed enthusiasm,in all its honesty!




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