Today, I caught a whiff of Armaff.

You might remember it as the perfume I used to wear, back in the simpler times, when we were just friends.

I would be lying if I claim that it didn’t bring back memories-of the old days.
How naive were we?!
It was the season of ripped jeans, and Game of Thrones wasn’t reigning supreme over all the other series.
HIMYM was still on, and you and I called ourselves Barney and Robin, and daydreamed about all the legendary adventures that we would have. (Ofcourse, Robin and Barney weren’t together then.
And so were we-platonic, and happy.)

I rushed home to pull out my One Direction CDs, and ended up crooning along with the boys. You won’t admit it now, but you loved them too. Yes, back then, we could sing “What makes you beautiful” in perfect harmony with the beats.

Looking back, I laugh at the silly stuff we liked-the things that we outgrew over time, as life happened to us. Ofcourse, we are better versions of ourselves now. You have finally realized that the mustache isn’t as cool as we thought it to be. I have moved on from idolizing Taylor Swift to just occasionally listening to her, when the iPod shuffles the song.

But if I had known that we would love, and you would leave, I would have been a lot more grateful about those days, and a lot more conscious about how I spent them.

I am healing, though, and the nostalgia helps. It takes me to those carefree days that I will always cherish.
But as the album ends, I know I have to move on ahead, instead of clinging to the past, or you-because these days might be the nostalgic memories of the future that I’d some day long to return to.And I don’t want to have the regret of having wasted these away!

For old times’ sake,

Open letters that say a lot more than they let on.

Live in the moment. Have a great day=)


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