Whims,Fancies and Good Vibes.

It all started with a silly plea on whatsapp.

I was having a perfectly normal conversation with a perfectly normal person,when said person complimented my display picture,which,by the way,was this:



Some things never change,do they?

I don’t know what got into me then,and,instead of just the customary “Thank you ji”,I added this little attachment:

“Hey hey, Iss children’s day, mein phukat hu.So,gimme something to do- Send me one childhood picture of yours. Let’s make a mega collage.”

Okay,quick confession:

I had not expected what happened next to happen.

But ,to my utter astonishment ,it did!

That loosely worded,silly request,stuck with me,and,resonated somewhere: it was not going to be forgotten. Soon enough,it was making its way to a hundred odd contacts on whatsapp,in all its childish fancy.

Again,I had not expected much to come out of this: probably a handful of photographs which I would make a cute collage of.Fin.

But then,the photographs started coming in.First in the cautious ones in ones and twos,and then,in bucketfulls of happy memories! Let me tell you one thing:People are amazing.I repeat: People.Are.Amazing.

Not one scoff.Not one sceptic frown.Not one “What the hell are you asking for,madwoman?”!

I got a lot of “seriously”s and “Jaake padhai kar”s,but they eventually sent in theirs as well.

Who won’t bounce with happiness when there’s a continuous supply of baby pictures constantly flooding their phone?!!! I,was in paradise!

Then came the gratitude: Thanks for making us revisit our precious childhoods.And,pat,something that I had so mindlessly begun,was shaping up into a resource of endless positivity and good vibes!That feeling,is beautiful!

Ofcourse,it took me a good part of an hour to put all these 100+ pictures together,and,even then, I couldn’t actually reach the ultimate destination: said mega collage.

But,I wandered into something more wonderful: As the photographs began to settle in the collage,the caption came to me effortlessly,and “Khud ko Khojo” was created.

Have a look.

Find Yourselves

All the love and joy to you:)

Stay blessed!



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