Hello there….as you know now,I TALK.A LOT. So before I go off-track,a bigg THANKS to you there,for reading the blog,much love.
That being done,I now have to talk about myself right,since the title says “about me”!
So,here goes:

hullo there..

I am a grammar nazi from India;teenager with an ancient soul.I am naughty,some even call me notorious,some call me a kid;p.Brainiac Smartypants.(Not bragging!).
What more?uhmmm I am a girl (read “crazy,emotional,awesome”).I love books..all kinds..I love reading,writing,music,sitcoms,cricket and all kinds of stuff which isn’t even remotely related to studies!
An engineer(in the making).
Wants to travel the world like a hippy.
ENFP.(maybe;or INTJ..;p)
Dreamer.Hopeless dreamer.
I guess that’s all for now.

This blog is a sister blog for my other blog,Expressions.Check it out at http://123sag.blogspot.com


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