Fairytales don’t exist

Part Two Purgatory September 30, 2017. A suburb in Central New York. Faith stumbles and falls, her eyes blinded by tears. Affection was fickle. Faith was silly enough to hold on to love for dear life, and now, the hold is slipping. An obscure movie theater in Mumbai. Two people move exceedingly close to each other..



Pain brings perspective like nothing else. When he said that he did not see a future together, but, "I love you, I do" , and left moments later, I understood what heartbreak really meant. It is not like your regular pain. I wish it were: if I could exchange the pain of losing a limb … Continue reading Throwback.

Where Everything Goes Wrong

You and I, In the cafe Where Everything Goes Wrong. Regrets: I regret coming here. The cafe is jinxed. I want to rush back home, back to the bubble before it burst, back to my "perfect relationship". You regret not thinking this through, and wonder how you will phrase your words. You and I, Together … Continue reading Where Everything Goes Wrong