The crow is barking, as the dog caws incessantly. It's four in the morning, and I'm wide awake, contemplating . Soon, the cat will crow, at the break of dawn. The rooster purrs on the lawn. An alligator licks it's paws, while the wicked rabbit runs around, breaking jaws. The horse is lazy, Meeting a … Continue reading Pandemonium



I am afraid of contact- all kinds of contact. I am afraid of putting the pen to the paper- for the fear of what might come pouring out: thousands of carefully masked sentiments, millions of thoughts that I carelessly shove in a compartment of the labyrinth that my soul has become, in organized chaos. I … Continue reading Contact.


"I dream of critical acclaim. I dream of success and glory and stability!" She says. "I dream of you." He responds. With a weary sigh, she walks away into the night, to meet her latest deadlines. Ambition wins. Love,lost:1-nil! Again! Life,laughs at the irony, with wistful all-pervading eyes. I don't know what made me write … Continue reading 1-0