Fairytales don’t exist.

"You are the one for me. I cannot do any better, I don't want it any other way. You are the one! Your face is like home to me. " She was in paradise. He was asking for another chance, and she had always been head over heels in love with him. A brief moment that could have been an eternity passed between the two: just them, no intruders, in their own private bubble, on a beach in Mumbai. It was perfect. Life doesn't stay perfect however one wants it to: She had big dreams. She planned to move to the United states for a masters' degree. He was a year younger - younger, carefree and unclear about the future. "What do we do when I move away? How are we going to handle it?'



The sky and the sea and the boy that once said those things to me. Call me a dunce, for who writes poetry except the doomed ones? But will I be heartbroken, will I fight, when I adore the sky or the sea? No, no, I'll be fine, I'll be free. For I have loved … Continue reading Underwater

Picture Perfect.

Hey there, I'd appreciate it a lot if you read the entire caption. Do you see a happy human in the picture? Do you see the wide smile, and the joy in the eyes? Does this picture radiate a pleasant vibe? -Yes? Yes? Yes? Excellent!!!!! Soak it in. Now,look closer. Notice how the eyes aren't … Continue reading Picture Perfect.